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Available series are:

(i) BLACKPEARL: The Blackpearl Series are 2 and 3-bedroom duplex apartments

(ii) EMERALD: The Emerald Series are 4 and 5-bedroom townhouses




Blackpearl Luxury Homes

BLACKPEARL LUXURY HOMES is being developed by Standard Facilities Limited

Grab this unique opportunity to own a luxury townhouse in Lekki 1


Our company Standard Facilities Limited was created as a competence centre for the development of top-of-the-line luxury housing for the upwardly mobile professional with a good taste for the finer qualities desirable for comfortable living. Our homes are designed and built with one thing in mind – your comfort.

We have been in the business of providing quality housing for over 10 years since the company was incorporated in Nigeria in 2006.

The company parades an array of seasoned professionals who are highly skilled and adept in the value chain of the building industry.

BLACKPEARL LUXURY HOMES – The Hallmark of Real Estate Development Excellence

Our architectural designs are comparable with the very best contemporary and modern structures that can be found in the most beautiful cities in the world.

Structural integrity and functionality are not compromised in our designs and we guarantee efficient building systems which ensure a round-the-clock comfortable experience.

Cost effectiveness is also an essential element of our homes so that while maintaining the best standards, we do not fail to make them affordable to the target buyers.


 IMG-20171031-WA00024-bedroom terrace houses


4-bedroom semi-detached house


Immediate commencement

Building approval has been obtained for the design shown here.

This development shall comprise of eight (8) units of luxury townhouses built on 1,656 square metres of land set within the neighbourhood of Lekki Peninsula Scheme 1 in the area known as Elf Bus Stop.

The site is located Off Josemaria Escriva Way and directly behind Whitesands School.

Other landmarks within the vicinity include UPDC Estate and Goshen Estate.

Each unit shall consist of 4 bedrooms and a maid’s room with the following facilities: Ample Parking – 2 dedicated parking slots per house + Visitors’ Parking, Children’s Play Area, Borehole and Water Treatment Plant, Beautiful Landscape and Paved Driveway, Facilities Maintenance, Security, etc.




The project duration shall be for a maximum period of 18 (eighteen) months from commencement of construction to sale of completed houses.

 Payment Plan

Terrace units are being sold for Sixty-Five Million Naira (N65,000,000.00) while semi-detached units are selling for Seventy Million Naira (N70,000,000.00) respectively.  These prices are for off-plan sales only and payments shall be made in installments to a mortgage bank account at intervals based on milestone completion at various levels until the houses are fully ready.

Every payment made by you the subscriber shall be guaranteed with a performance bond from a reputable financial institution to assure you of the safety of your investment.

And upon completion . . . .voila! you own a brand new home and all these within 18 months.


Advantage of Off-Plan Purchase

You save Ten Million Naira (N10M) and Fifteen Million Naira (N15M) respectively on the 2 house types when you make your purchase off-plan.

Then of course is the added advantage of spreading the payments over a period of 12 months.

Each payment installment has a 3-month interval between them.

And you can subscribe to any number of units that you wish.


 Site Address is at:

Lekki Peninsula Scheme 1, Block 141 Plot 6

Size: 1,656.18 SQM


 Standard Facilities Limited  RC 650637

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              /46 44/46 Adegbola Street, Ikeja, Lagos

Tel: 0802 320 7003, 0803 581 2420

Email: facilitiesdept@yahoo.com

Contact: Jimi Eke



Cattle Colony

Now that’s a new one in our Nigerian lexicon. The cows have taken over the national discourse. Hardly an hour goes by without these latest national heroes not being featured on television. While humans are seeking affordable housing, the raw material for the meat we eat is being given a priority in the scheme of things. The cows, the agitators argue, must be given preferential treatment. They must be allowed to go wherever their herders will; they can trek, graze, and ravage the farms and feed on the produce being cultivated including those that have been harvested and stored in the barns. After all, the cows deserve a good meal to replenish the energy being expended as they trudge on through the grazing routes that have been designated for their progress to the cattle markets and abattoirs in the various cities and villages where meat is eaten, notwithstanding whose ox is gored (pun intended).
The journey from Gusau to Ikom, Sokoto to Agege, or even Daura to Abuja is a tedious one and how else are the herders expected to feed the thousands of cows in their care? Now that is where the problem lies: how does the farmer who has worked hard to plant his crops, and having tended them over several months begin to accept the stark reality that all he has worked for has become fodder for the future meat that is meant to complement his dinner or the meals of hundreds of others (meals that would have been made from these same crops)? The herders will have none of the protests or even tolerate any form of objection to their obnoxious practice.
Then comes the search for a solution. Various suggestions have been made in a bid to put an end to this ugly trend. States have enacted anti-grazing laws, but this has met with stiff opposition and has in fact exacerbated the situation resulting in more killings in Benue State particularly. The cattle breeders associations have threatened fire and brimstone if the law is not repealed, they would have none of it. The cows deserve their free movement and un-fettered access to any farm they choose, afterall the grazing reserves which used to be their ancestral homes have been colonized by humans through urbanization and now how dare the government deny them their right!
So what next? The answers lie in the establishment of ranches and cattle colonies, some have proposed. The latter has been explained by the Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh to mean a collection of several ranches.
The search for a solution continues but what is paramount at this time is that the menace of killings must end, and those who value cows more than humans must be rounded up and given psychiatric therapy, and all the perpetrators of the killings must be hunted down and prosecuted. The unsightly parade of cattle in our urban centres must also be stopped. The government, federal and states have the apparatus to deal with these unsavoury trends. The areas of conflicts must be addressed; farmlands must not be allowed to be invaded any more by those sub-human creatures. Sambisa Forest, we are told, is very vast and can adequately serve as the ultimate Cattle Colony with the capacity to accommodate cattle in excess of the demand of the whole country. Cows can be transported directly from there to the various abattoirs across the country every day by rail where available.
Or we could even stop eating beef, if cows have become such a problem to warrant loss of human lives?

Affordable Housing: An expert’s findings

“Housing is where jobs go to sleep at night. Affordable housing is where essential jobs go to sleep at night,” explained David Smith, CEO of the Affordable Housing Institute at the ASLA 2017 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles. The farther apart a home is from a workplace, “the more stress” is placed on the transportation system. As essential workers are […]

via Solutions for the Affordable Housing Crisis — THE DIRT

The dearth of affordable housing in Lagos, Nigeria

Upwardly mobile professionals, both those who are gainfully employed by blue chip companies and those who have established their own practices in various fields of endeavour, have the opportunity of aspiring to own decent homes in the fast developing neighbourhoods of Lagos and neighbouring Ogun State. What with the proliferation of real estate companies who regularly reel out packages with great incentives such as flexible payment plans for land acquisitions and  home ownerships.

Development of housing estates by private investors has provided a solution to the accommodation needs of those who are able to afford the available homes and plots of land that these companies have to offer. However a vast majority of the populace are confronted with the problem of acquiring a decent home due to the state of the individual’s personal economy, a fallout from the general state of the nation’s economy, one is wont to deduce. So the age-old maxim reverberates here: “So much water and yet there is none to drink!”

The activities of real estate companies, though complement the efforts of government with regard to the provision of housing for the teeming populace, still leaves much to be desired as can be seen from what appears to be a glut when one considers that there are a lot of un-occupied homes several months and in some cases years after their completion. This is not out of a shortage of prospective occupants but the situation is largely due to the un-affordability of these facilities by the average person. Herein lies a paradox.

The factors responsible for the high cost of housing can be attributed to the elemental costs and they include:

(i) cost of land, which is the primary and most fundamental resource for the construction of  a building.

(ii)  cost of building materials and,

(iii) cost of  labour

Funding for Affordable Housing

Tying up these elemental costs is the difficulty of accessing funds by real estate developers and where available the very unfriendly associated costs .

Mortgage facilities are also not available in the manner that would make provision of affordable housing a reality to the citizen as it obtains in developed countries.

Hence the biggest setback for the actualisation of provision of houses by those entrepreneurs who are passionate about providing solutions to this societal malady is the huge cost outlay. The resultant effect is that only those with deep pockets . . . very deep pockets can own houses in Nigeria.

The solution to this socio-economic malady shall be addressed in the next article.IMG-20171031-WA0001

Luxury semi-detached townhouses in Lekki



Invest in a Real Estate Development (RED) scheme in your dream neighbourhood and own a home of your own.

With convenient monthly payment installments you can key into our various home ownership programmes.

LOCATIONS (presently available):

Lekki 1 (RHS) and Ikota, Lekki


Blackpearl Series – 2 & 3-bedroom duplexes

Emerald Series – 4-bedroom townhouses + maid’s room


Period – 24 Months


(i) One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N1.5m)

(ii) One Million, Eight Hundred Thousand Naira (N1.8m)

B.  Series – EMERALD

(i) Four Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N4.5m)